Financial Accounting Solution

Helps you achieve Greater economies of scale

CTP’s financial accounting solution enables institutions of all sizes located across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to streamline accounting processes, generate accurate and timely reports and enhance the strategic decision making process, achieve economies of scale and improve visibility into performance.

CTP’s financial accounting solutions help enterprising companies:-

Implement adaptable financial business processes

Reduce errors and cycle time

Improve visibility into financial processes and overall performance

Improve user productivity through easy reporting, querying and data entry

Comply with Sarbanes Oxley and IFRS reporting requirements

CTP s financial accounting solutions include: 

General Ledger

Combines solid control with abundant analytical power.

Accounts Receivable

Provides comprehensive tools for credit, cash, and customer management in a timely manner with accurate, up-to-the-day information.

Accounts Payable

Automates payables processing functions and addresses issues such as approving invoices, processing payments, and integrating with purchasing and financial systems.


Assures the right goods are available while providing maximum cost control.


Delivers the flexibility to support the organization’s unique inventory operations and provides warehouse management capabilities that can be tailored to each warehouse.

Fixed Assets

Allows the efficient tracking and maintenance of all information needed for financial and tax accounting, property control, and depreciation forecasting.

Product features

Patient Administration and care management

Specialist services management

Administrative management system

Support services management

Strong security and administration system